Founding ADDOC members

In October 1991, Sue Snow saw the need to start up a dog obedience club in Alexandra and, with the invaluable assistance of Maggie Hamill and Lois Cliff, the Club was soon up and running. About a year later, Greg & Betty Tulloch who became our patrons and mentors, joined the club.

Greg & Betty were heavily involved with dog training at various Melbourne based Obedience Clubs and much sort after as Judges in Obedience trials, so they came to us with years of experience. They supported and mentored the Club until Greg passed away. After that Betty’s ill health prevented her from being further involved in Club activities.

Since then the Club has seen some major changes and with each new Committee, fresh new ideas and programmes have been introduced and implemented.

From our first training day in 1991, the Education Department has allowed us to use their property as our training ground and have let us section off part of their on site storage building, for use as our Clubrooms.

The Club is a not for profit organization and has a core group of enthusiastic volunteer Instructors who encourage the use of positive reinforcement as our training method. We look forward to meeting you and your dog.

Statement of Purpose

  1. Promote awareness and understanding of dog obedience training in the Alexandra district.
  2. Provide instruction in dog obedience training techniques and skills to dog owners.
  3. Promote responsible dog ownership.
  4. Socialise participating dogs so they will become better canine citizens.
  5. Encourage good fellowship and sportsmanship among members and those interested in training and working dogs in obedience related activities.
  6. Provide a child and youth safe environment for any young person attending our Club.
  7. Encourage and foster social interaction among members.
  8. Encourage and support participation in dog-related competitions.
  9. Recognise achievement in obedience related activities and competitions.
  10. Foster and promote the interests of the Club with the community, Council and Government.
  11. Work with local veterinarians to encourage people to train and socialise their dogs.

Club Rules

The Committee and Instructors would like to welcome you to the Club. To help your Club run efficiently, we ask that you read and comply with, the following rules.

  1. All dogs must have current C5 vaccinations and proof of vaccination must be sighted by a Committee Member. If the vaccinations are three yearly, proof of annual kennel cough vaccination must be sighted by a Committee member.
  2. If you are not a financial member of the Club, you are not eligible to handle a dog in class on training days.
  3. Some dogs are wearing a yellow coat. Please give these dogs their personal space by not letting your dog rush up to greet them. Check with the handler before you approach.
  4. If you are asked to put a yellow coat on your dog by an Instructor you must comply with this request. The yellow coat must be worn at all times whilst attending Alexandra & District Dog Obedience Club’s training sessions and must not be removed until approved by an Instructor.
  5. All instructions given by an Instructor OR Committee Member which relate to the safety of other Club members and/or their dogs MUST be complied with.
  6. (a) No dog is allowed off lead at any time unless under an Instructor’s supervision.
    (b) In the event of a dog running loose, it is the responsibility of that dog’s handler to regain control of the dog. Any other dogs doing off lead work will immediately be put back on lead.
  7. No child under 12 years of age should be left alone, in charge of a dog, at the Club.
  8. Children must be under supervision at all times and not interfere with classes.
  9. Bitches “in season” are not allowed on the ground.
  10. While you are checking in before class, dogs must be left in your car or held by another handler (away from the club room). Any dog that is tethered must not be approached.
  11. Appropriate footwear, such as runners, walking boots or other enclosed shoes/boots must be worn while training. No thongs or open toed shoes are allowed.
  12. Training fees must be paid in advance at the start of each seven (7) week training block. These fees are non refundable. Name tags to be worn at all times while attending Club. There is a fee of $5 to replace a lost name tag.
  13. ABSENCE FROM CLASS. If you know you are going to be absent for an extended period, please inform your Instructor who will arrange for you to continue at the appropriate level when you return to class.
  14. All members are to carry poo bags. You MUST clean up after your dog and dispose of full bags immediately.
  15. The training grounds and Clubroom are NON-SMOKING areas.

We train weekly on Sundays, except for Easter, long Weekends, the holiday months of December and January and (during Summer) days of Total Fire Ban.


May, 2018



Betty Tulloch
Dr Doug Norman B.Sc.(Hons), B.V.Sc.(Hons)

Current Committee

President. Barb Tanner
Vice President. Deb Callaway
Secretary. Geoff Hyland
General committee
Jeanne Roberts
Fiona Mackey
Jenny Hyland
Shane Frean
Sandice McAulay
Rosalie Collie
Janene Miller