Membership fees are:

1 or 2 dogs/1 handler $15 (single)

2 dogs/2 handlers (same family) $15 each

1 dog/2 handlers $20 (dual)


Cost per class is $3.
Training fees must be paid in advance at the start of each seven (7) week
training block. These fees are non refundable.

Name tags must be worn at all times while attending Club. There is a fee of
$5 to replace a lost name tag.

Our Instructors are all volunteers, so costs are kept to a minimum.



Your dog or puppy must have the full C5 vaccination, and we must sight the vaccination certificate when you first join up and every year after that.

If you have 3 yearly vaccinations, we must see confirmation from your Vet that this is true and correct and, again, once a year, we must sight the Kennel Cough Certificate of Vaccination.